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Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Dildo Hunt Special

Look at all these sexy toys
Join me in the Easter Dildo Hunt
Tell me which toy to use and I will use it just for you
Also if you buy 15 minutes I will give you 10 extra minutes FREE

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lets have a quickie!

I have many callers who love to have quickie phone bang, those one minute man out there that needs to get laid too.  Some are about to start the day wanting to release that pressure, but they don’t have much time. I really get hot with the ones who call when they are expecting their wife or the girlfriend to get home. It’s a rush from the thought of getting caught stroking off with me! I love knowing at any minute she could catch him in the act with his favorite naughty girl. Some callers love to call really early in the mornings, while his wife is in the shower or making breakfast whispering while he strokes.  Then I have those late night quickie lovers, that call while their wife or girlfriend is lying right beside them. And he can't say a single word. His wife must be a hard sleeper because he wears uses a cock ring or vibrator. They are probably wanting to be caught why else would they jerk it with her beside them. Getting a rush from it is what they love and I do too. So how about you? Are you low on time or maybe you are a one minute man?  Don’t be shy baby call me for a hot quickie!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Daddies lil whore is wet!!!

It’s great to be a teen.  I get out with boys, dirty old men and stay out late and swallow some juicy loads. Everyone thinks I am a good lil girl, but they don’t know how dirty I really am. I am not the angel mommy and daddy knows it well.  *Giggles* Then my panties come down around my ankles I'm kinky little slut and I love to show off. I can’t to wait to show you what makes all men squirm. 

What do you want daddies lil whore to do to you?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Daddy and Daughter Love

My daddy and I sure do know how to have a good time when are together multiple times a week! Last night we had way too much fun, and we’re all going to be talking about it for years to cum.  The sun was shining on daddy and I as we sat by the pool, drinking shot after shot taking off our cloths with every drink!  We are a pretty different kind of father and daughter, the kind that like to get into hot family fun and spreading our kinky stories to everyone who listens. 

I’ve sure you’ve thought about fucking your mom, brother or sister I’m sure! We definitely had all kinds of family phone sex loving father and daughter. Daddy and I love to have our fun out in the open fresh air and under the sun and have a great time sucking, licking and swallowing daddies tasty juice! Daddy just can’t get enough of my tight pussy, dipping his cock in and out of my pussy and ass hole back and forth one after the other. 

No one can please or take care of me like daddy can and only I can please my daddies every taboo desire!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Titty fuck with teacher

As all of you know and can see I have been blessed me with a great pair of big tits and a pretty mouth and lovely big nipples. I also have a innocent face, but I am far from it. Heheheh

I love pleasing my teachers and my daddy. My school is preparing me for many things but I am excelling at sex ed!  My teacher private lessons is teaching me to be the best slut I can be, and daddy approves!

Today was a BIG oral exam I was nervous but I wore the sexiest outfit to give me advantage. Finally it was my turn walking slowly I made my way into the room. I looked around the room not knowing what or who to expect. In the middle of the room were my 2 "favorite" male teachers.  Siting side by side both men had a smile on their face and their eyes were filled with desire. 

They ordered me to stand in front of them. The grey haired teacher told me to take off both my dress and bra. My whole body became hot and my panties began to moisten between my thighs. Removing their pants and those cocks stood straight in the air hard as rocks I couldn't help it, I dropped to my knees. While one tended to my lil teen pussy the other titty fucked me taking turns with those soft pillows. 

Want to know what happens next, then you know what to do?  Hehehe

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daddies friend and the slutty cheerleader

I was one nasty cheerleader and still am! Hehehe 

I love to sucking and fucking that yummy cock. I had a call with one of my favorite play mates over the weekend that loves cheerleader role play. Coming home from work early and caught me playing with my bald pussy on his couch when I was suppose to be babysitting. He made a deal with me with his eyes locked to my pussy he promised not to tell my dad about it if I did what he wanted.  I always thought he was hot even though he was my daddies friend, still on the couch I got on my hands and knees. 

He grabbed my wrist putting all of my fingers in his mouth sucking getting them slippery wet, he made me suck on the thick bulge through his tight jeans. He moaned and slapped my sweet ass "if you a good little slut, I won't tell your daddy."  That's when I told him  how much of a good little cheerleader slut I am, and that 3 sexy football players from school fucked me all at once after the football game in my sexy lil cheerleader outfit. He thought that it was so hot he wanted every detail, pulling out his cock for my pretty lil mouth. 

I took his cock fat cock in my mouth and down my throat.  Fingering my dripping wet pussy thrusting harder and harder while I sucked on his yummy cock. He told me that he didn't care he was my daddies friend he had to fuck my tight cheerleader pussy. Bending me over the arm of the chair and told me to spread my legs nice and wide. He thrust his hard cock into my wet pussy without hesitation.  He started to fuck me fast and hard not loosing rhythm. Praising my tight pussy feeling great on his cock. Ready to blow his load, he took his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my wet mouth. Thrusting deep in my throat, shoot his load without warning making me swallow every last drop.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Be My Master

You walk into the room and I feel my heart start to pound with a wicked grin you smile at me  
  I hastily look down at the floor avoiding your gaze playing with my collar  
  I decide to be bold cock opening my legs just enough flashing my shaved pussy  
Looking at me knowingly, giving a wink promising pleasure and pain I so hungered for 
  Such a good pet you play the good girl but I know you like the pain 
And Master will bring you the pain his pet needs and craves  
I start to shiver seeing the first device of torture  
  I start to tremble watching Master lock the door behind him  
  Binding me to the bed naked with my feet over my head  
  Gagging me with a pair of dirty panties, grabbing his small taser
Stunning me with it in my thigh only a brief moment feeling up my pussy
"You liked that didn't you filthy slut?"  
  Master's eyes full of enjoyment when his hands wrap around my little neck  
Choking me until I'm blue slick and dripping  
 My pussy begging to be fucked when his thumb grazed my clit   
With a dildo in hand Master says "don't you dare cum"  
  Disrobing I see his fat cock erect and slick with pre-cum  
He starts to pound my pussy with the dildo while he fingers teased my clit  
  "Don't you dare cum yet" he demanded as he bit my nipples
 I want his throbbing cock in my pussy but instead he takes me in the ass
Loosing mind I suddenly cream all over myself  
Before I could beg his forgiveness he slaps my face  
"Dirty little whore" he growled 
  Leaves me on the floor his cum dripping from my ass