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Friday, February 20, 2015

Princess Leia Cums For Her Master

The disguise had worked without any issues, at least until the laughter filled the crowded room and the curtain raised up to reveal Jabba the Hutt and his giggling minions.  For a moment Leia completely surprise but as it all became clear, she began fearing for her life.  Four Gamorrean guards came closer grabbing Han dragging him into another room, two grabbed Leia's arms and pulled her towards the slimy monster.  She tried to fight them off but the guards were simply too strong.  Jabba began to speak as a near by droid translated, "You have freed one of my prized "possessions", threatened my life, and awoken me...You shall die!"  A bounty hunter raised his blaster, eager to shoot.  "But" said Jabba, stopping the bounty hunter.  "If you entertain me, I may let you live a few more days....STRIP HER!"

Horrified Leia tried to get to her feet but she was from behind by someone holding a knife and a unique bikini.  She felt the sharp blade run up her spine cutting through the Boussh disguise, and did the same in the front, removing the pieces showing the crowd her perfect round tits.  Jabba made an approving groan, "Perhaps more than just a dance tonight!"  Jabba looked at the guards, who knew exactly what they should do.  Hauling the now topless Princess Leia up to Jabba's throne and inches from his wormy face.  Jabba's long tongue licked at Leia's and stiff nipples.  She tried to turn away in as Jabba licked again leaving a slimy trail tripping from the tip of her nipple.  Suddenly a pair of squirmy hands pulled Leia's pants to her ankles, making Leia scream out! "Stop! What the hell are doing?"

The guards lifted her up higher wrapping her legs around his neck until her pussy was up to Jabba's mouth.  His large tongue stretched out and tasted her bald sweet pussy.  Completely embarrassed Leia wanted to try to get away but Jabba's felt so fucking amazing she couldn't help but moan in pleasure.  The cold breeze hit her naked body making her nipples to become harder than already were and Jabba's tongue between licking her swollen clit made her pussy soaking wet.  Licking harder and faster, Jabba began thrusting his tongue deep into Leia's tight little twat. "No you're tongue is too big!" Leia pleaded but Jabba just ignored her sticking as much of his fat tongue in her that Leia thought she would split in two.

The guards started thrusting her pussy on his tongue as Leia's juices flowed into his mouth.  Even though she hated Jabba, she loved what he was doing to her as a mind shattering orgasm ripped through her entire body.  Jabba finished licking at Leia's juices off his lips while the guards dropped her to the floor.  Leia laid there on the floor trembling and gasping for air.  Fortuna took advantage of her weakened state putting a collar and leash attached around her neck.  Fastening the metal bikini top over her tits, and a metal 'belt' around her waist with two long pieces of fabric hanging from it.  "I love it when they struggle and submit."  The room filled with laughter once more as Jabba continued. "She was good, but not that good.  Throw to the Sarlacc with the rest of them."  "Wait, owe me some money, but I will fuck her instead", said a young man in the crowd.

Will he be my rescuer or my new master?  How about you beside ;) come rescue and be rewarded or have your way with me like a filthy whore.
10 minutes for $20

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dirty Games for Valentine's Day

It's not Valentine's Day without a few dirty games and yummy prizes!! Starting today and thru to complete either one of these kinky games to get a creamy reward. What are the games?? Well the first is a lil dirty story, fill in the blanks anything goes. The second is a dirty, dirty word search that you can download below. Send either of these back to me by the 15th and reap the rewards. What are the rewards?? Well send me a private message and I will fill you in on the details!
10 minutes for $20 minimum

I want you to _______ every inch of my _______. Would you like it if I _______ you until your _________ through the night? You and I _________ so ________ it feels as though your ________ couldn't stay off my ________ . Tell me that it’s my _________ while I watch you ________ ________ and tell me too __________ your delicious ________. My ________ ________ __________ your ________ harder and ________. Your body drips with ________ and you _________ with _________.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Quality Time with Daddy

The weekend was just about to start, and I get a call from my daddy. He was going to swing by my place after work, and grab some dinner with me an have some quality daddy and daughter time.  I cut up some fruit and poured some wine but I already knew we weren't gonna be having dinner.
As I dropped my panties to the floor I notice a blurry figure standing behind me.  It was of course my handsome tall daddy already unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie.  I never cared that he was my daddy, he was was always good looking; he treated me like a queen and frankly sex was and is always better with my daddy than any boy I ever fucked.  He always tells me about mom complaining that his cock is too small, but I think that 8 inch felt fucking amazing!  Turning toward him, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pull daddy into a deep passionate kiss sucking his tongue as it slips past my lips.  After some pussy moistening moments I whispered into daddy's ear.  Telling him how much I have missed him and I missed his cock deep inside me. 

Pressing my naked body up against his rock hard cock.  Daddy gripped both my ass cheeks lifting me off the floor, wrapping my legs around his waist daddy carried me to the bed.  Laying on top of me, daddy's kisses began to move from my lips, kissing his way down my neck to my perfect tits.  Flicking his tongue across my stiff nipple teasing me before giving me a playful bite, hearing my moans daddy didn't hesitate taking my right nipple in his mouth and began sucking.

Through my many moans I push daddy up rolling our bodies over so that I was now on top, "I wanna taste your cock daddy."  Undoing his trousers I could tell daddy was already rock hard pulling off his trousers and boxers all at once and quickly getting between his legs taking daddy's fat mushroom head into my mouth.  Locking my eyes to daddy with his cock hitting the back of my throat, I began to slowly work my way back to the head sucking as hard as I could all the way up.  I began stroking daddy's slippery cock as licked and sucked my daddy's balls.  Running my tongue back up his shaft taking all 8 inches of his cock down my throat again.  Fingering my wet pussy at the same time daddy grabbed a handful of my hair, and forced my mouth down on his cock faster and harder before pulling me up for another passionate kiss.  Breaking the kiss daddy whispered, "it's daddy's turn now."

Rolling our bodies over once more daddy spread open my thighs so he could lick up every drop of my juices.  Kissing down my belly tracing the crease of her hips with his warm tongue.  Suddenly feeling his hot breath on my swollen clit.  Running her hands through daddy's hair burying his face in my tight little twat covering daddy's face in my juices.  Flicking his tongue up and down my clit; switching between sucking and licking my sensitive mound.  Arching my back I could feel my orgasm coming fast.  I could feel daddy's tongue scoop and slurp up my juices savoring my taste.

I watched daddy kiss his way back up to my lips as my small body quivered beneath him.  Taking his cock into his hand, daddy guided the head into my dripping pussy.  My slippery walls clenched tightly to the cock that now belonged to me! As daddy thrust in and out of my tight pussy hole I started to think it was time for daddy to get me pregnant.  What do you think??

Cum call me and tell me...
10 minutes for $20 minimum

Friday, January 30, 2015

Golden Shower Count Down!

5)  You need the long powerful steam of my hot gold liquid, begging to my personal toilet dying for me to soak you from head to toe and leave you soaked and dripping with my own personal golden liquid.

4) A stain on my panties starts to show appearing small at first right in the center of the sheer fabric.  Slowly spreading, slowly growing soaking the fabric covering the access to your desires.

3) The fabric gets darker and oh moist you beg to suck it out my piss straight from my panties.  Then suddenly your desires are answered, the first drip forming through the cotton growing holding on to the fabric.  Then release a descent drip landing directly between your lips and on your tongue and I can hear you savor the tangy warmth and flavor of my sweet piss.

2. Your wait is over my eager little toilet, thinking of how pathetic you're getting so hard at the thought of my piss raining down on you. Pulling my soaked little panties aside as the stream flows from me like a river; soaking your face, hair, and chest so much coming running down to your bare pathetic cock.  Grabbing your piss soaked hair burying your face in my dirty snatch and order you to clean it, eager to please you obey licking me clean until I am satisfied.

1. Quietly lay there in bliss feeling used by me soaked in my pee, you body tastes of me, smells of me.  Giving my favorite toilet a smile of approval before leaving you alone in your puddle.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fuck My Pretty Lil Mouth

Grab the back of my head, shove your dick in my mouth 
I'm such a dirty whore that deserves a good mouth fucking 
Fuck my hot wet mouth until my eyes are watering 
Your balls start to tighten, holding my head still 
Your cock deep into my sloppy mouth 
One final thrust make me gag, make me choke 
Shot after shot of hot salty cream flowing down my tight throat 
Emptying your balls into my pretty lil mouth

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Goddess of Cock Suckers by Mr. B

Goddess of Cock Suckers
Her mouth is fucking incredible
Sucking my cock like a fucking pro
Working her way to suck me dry
Slowly she takes my cock in deep
Taking it from the tip to the balls
My stiff cock filling that hungry mouth
Her slow tempo increases with every stroke 
Running my fingers through her hair
Forcing my cock into her throat making her choke
Never missing an inch
Swallowing my cock over and over
Sucking my cock deeper and faster
As my cum began to shoot
Her reward for all her hard work
Down her throat my load flows
Swallowing every drop
Her mouth holding my head tight
She brings me such thrilling orgasms 
Sucking my cock dry
She's a once in a lifetime thrill
Kaylan the Goddess of Cock Suckers

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gloryhole Delight

Dark black room with a hole in the wall
Soon filled with thick, throbbing cocks
Waiting for my soft lip service 
A warm mouth to suck all the better to suck you with
Ready and waiting to cover my tongue with cum