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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sexy Babysitter for Hire!!

The wife is at work and the kids are fast asleep its only you and I tonight. Shhh no one needs to know sit beside me put your fingers beneath my plaid skirt and finger the lil pink box. You know what they say bad girls do it best. You can't resist me, so young, big gorgeous tits, tight, dripping wet pussy and plump ass. I do more than watch the kids come tell me how much you love phone sex with your naughty babysitter. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tight and Tasty Piss Covered Pussy

I know you naughty guys want to know what I’ve been doing with my girlfriends while we were on break from class.  Well I am sure you can guess it, party, party, and MORE partying.  One night while partying with my things got really hot one night!  Everyone was celebrating the end of semester classes at a big house party bash.  They worked so hard for their grades, while I...well fucked long and hard for mine!  If you have been to a party like this then you should know how wild they can get; all the alcohol and drugs you can ask for, and the sex, sex, sex and more SEX.
Wild would be an understatement at this house.  Everyone was wasted off their ass by eleven some were even passed out by then.  Everywhere we looked my girlfriends and I saw groups of 2 and 3 touching and fucking each other out in the open without a care!  In the living room, the kitchen, the hallway, the pool and even the garage!  Honestly I have to admit it, it really turned on watching everyone go at it.  You guys have to remember I was drinking the whole night and maybe a little more but that's a secret. LOL   By midnight everyone was getting naked, it was tits and cock as far as my blurry eyes could see!
But my girlfriends were being such prudes  they didn't want to get naked but I didn't care I got naked in a flash!  I was so fucking wasted and still downing shots I really had to pee!  It suddenly hit me out of nowhere, all the beer and shots I was ready to pee all over myself.  So I’m naked and sprinting down the hall to the closest bathroom.  LOL   Not caring that I left the door wide open, I plopped my ass down on that toilet and the pee rushed out of me covering my pussy!  Little did I know a man was walking by and stopped in his tracks when he saw me out the corner of his eye on the toilet.
I smiled at him and he looked on at my pee-covered pussy in shock.  At first I thought he was grossed out, but the bulge in his pants and locked gaze was saying otherwise.  I gestured him to come in and he closed the door behind him. He must have had a thing for girls on the toilet because he was rock hard, watching the pee stream out.  I raised myself off of the toilet so he could see my pee-covered pussy glistening in the light.  I began to pee again while he watched closely admiring the sight.  Soon after the stream stopped I told him to fuck my tight pee-covered pussy!  I didn't even know his name, but thanks anyway to that pee boy for fucking me hard and making me cum.  Come have some pee phone sex with me tonight; make me chug and piss just for you!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Trick or Treat Pecker Challenge

Give your cute penis man and dress him up for Halloween! :)
The BEST 5 Trick or Treat Pecker be chosen to receive a feature post on my blog and 5 free minutes added to your call with me.
Just email me back your finished penis to enter the Halloween Challenge.
All entries must be submitted by October 31st and the winners will be announced Nov 3!
There are NO rules, all you need is your imagination.  GOOD LUCK!  If you have questions shoot me a message.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why is October the best month ever??

The cool crisp air?
Halloween is right around the corner?
Or is it because.... October is the best month ever because it is National Orgasm Month Make every day count, let us CUM together and celebrate with best orgasms of October
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