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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wanna give sweet lil me a ride home?

Imagine yourself driving down the quiet street and guess what you see; the most precious little girl you have ever seen, short silky brown hair, softly browned skin, and precious pink lips.  Wearing a short plaid skirt, and a tight white tank top, and you can see my bright pink nipples hard and poking through the thin fabric.   Coming closer to get a better look at the sweet lil cutie, and you see that I fell off my bike and my right knee is bruised and cut.  Sitting on the ground holding my knee crying alone, you see right between my sexy little hairless legs, following all the way up to my pink cotton panties.  

You can just about smell my tight little pussy just looking at me; even from the safety of your car.  Getting out of your car and come closer to me taking sweetie, trying to help me get back on my bike. Stumbling back into your arms I can barely stand let alone ride my bike all the way home. With thoughts of my thighs and nipples poking from my shirt and smiling sweetly you offer me a ride home; when you discover my parents aren’t home, and that I will be all alone. Ooooh the thoughts and desires keep flowing from your brain to your cock.  You offer to stay with me until they get home so I won't be scared. Picking me up and carrying me to your car; inhaling my young sweet scent in deep.  

You have your hands tight on my bubbly little ass, ohhh it feels so damn good you can only imagine how it feels beneath my panties; the scent is intoxicating.  Securing me tightly in the passenger seat, going back for my bike. While you slide the bike into your trunk, looking down you notice that huge boner in your all for me.  You ache to show me what I have done to you and see what I hide beneath my sheer top and cotton panties.  Your nails dig into the trunk door, biting your lip you can imagine what you will do to me when you take me to my bedroom.  You can just feel your pre-cum oozing out already.  Come carry me to my bedroom. ; )

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Best Friends BROTHER

I offered to house sit for my best friend while she went away with her boyfriend for the weekend. I didn’t mind cause her house is amazing I guess that happens when you have rich parents and the hot tub is soooo relaxing. It was quiet all weekend not a single visitor and didn’t expect my friend back for another day and I was completely naked relaxing in the hot tub when I opened my eyes and saw her brother standing inches from the hot tub with a big bulge in the front of his pants. 

He had to of let himself in with the key his sister gave him cause he wanted to surprise me but I guess he didn't expect to find me with me bare tits bobbing in the water. He brought me a present from his trip to Europe to thank me for helping out his sister. The only problem was I wasn't sure if he would tell his sister what I was doing in her hot tub plus that poor bulge of his rock hard cock was straining against the front of his pants ready to jump out any second. 

I looked around for a towel but he had tossed it in the house when I was not looking and started  getting naked; his body soooo toned with a sexy six-pack and a 8 1/2 inch throbbing cock that made my mouth water, climbing in the hot tub he sat next to me. His hands cupped my c-cup tits squeezing them in his large fist, sliding his hands down my body and sliding between my thighs to rub my tingling pussy lips. 

Arching my back putting my tits in his face the pleasure of those strong hands rubbing and finger fucking my swollen little clit and teen pussy whole.  Lifting me out of the water and settling me on his long, fat cock.  I could feel his cock slide inside slowly spreading my pussy open. My best friends brother's cock was inside me, it felt soooo fucking good I couldn't believe it!  He was fucking me harder and harder with every thrust giving me orgasm after orgasm; there was no FUCKING way I was going to stop him. It was the best way to end the weekend, BUT I’m definitely going to have to house sit for my best friend more often.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Will you be my daddy?

As you read this, can you hear my young sweet teen voice in your head?  

Can you imagine how our daddy and daughter role play would be? 

Can you imagine how tight my wet pink pussy is and all the HOT things you want to do to it? 

I know you do daddy!  You’ve been a great daddy, you did a great job too but why do I have to dress so slutty around house all the time? You want to show me who’s boss, and what a real man does. I want you to play with me, I want you to teach me all the things I need to know to please a man, all the things my daddy likes best. I’m a FAST learner, I want to be the best student for Daddy, and I will make my daddy so proud of me. 

I know daddy is happiest when his throbbing cock is cumming!  I squirt knowing that I’ve done a good job, that I’ve helped Daddy shoot his giant load.  I know what daddy likes best, let me tell you!  You love me young and sweet, you like to see our perfect bouncing tits in your face, just one little taste and you are hooked.  Now you can’t stop thinking about my pussy; so tight and pink!  I bet you wonder how am I so tight?  You want to fuck me hard daddy, but you wonder; will your fat daddy dick fit in your little girl?  Heheheh, of course it will daddy! Just shove it right in there and pump your cock fast and hard in my tight hole, I will love every second of it!  Guaranteed!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dirty Panty Boy

I have a guy who loves to call me right after I get home from working out at the gym or a drunk night out at the club when I’ve been a nasty slut! He loves to bury his nose inside my dirty panties and smell my sweaty musky aroma! Filling him in on all the details of my day of being a kinky slut. Waking up taking a shower getting all fresh and clean. Sliding into my short shorts and tight t-shirt starting a long day of PHONE BANGING! A long day of answering that phone getting all those horny men off getting wet and horny; playing with my pussy getting my panties wet with cum from my sweet cunt. 

In the afternoon I put on my tight workout pants and do my Zumba workout. Followed by sunbathing topless in the yard tanning my HOT body. I love Friday and Saturday nights slipping into my tight mini red dress and head out to the club! Sexy black cotton panties that I have on get sweet and moist from dancing and rubbing on hot guys all night long! Getting fucked by a hot big black cock bareback in the bathroom stall.  Getting home just in time to hear that phone ring and I know it's my dirty panty boy ready to sniff and lick my panties clean; while I finger myself and tell him all about my fuck fest! Sliding off my dirty panties and burying his nose into them. Savoring the sweet aroma of my sweat, pussy juicy and black cum load, licking and scratches at them to get every last drop off the soft fabric.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

QUICKIE IN YOUR CAR!!!! feels great when you finger me
The lust sets my body on fire
Your warm breath on my neck moistens my cotton panties
I can feel your dick rising and thickening through your pants
My breasts are in your hands, my nipples squeezed and teased
Oh how that turns me on making me your sex slave
Lifting my skirt, tugging down my panties revealing my dripping cunt
Unzipping your jeans giving me what I want
Straddling you, the perfect fit and extremely wet
Bouncing up and down on that dick until I cum all over your cock
It doesn't take long for us to cum
Quickie with me in the backseat of your car is how it's done!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Naughty in my Uncle's car!!!

I love being my Uncle’s favorite.  My Uncle loves to treat me special and spoil me! Some days daddy gets so busy with work that I don’t see him a whole lot. So when my Uncle visits he loves to take me out. We don’t get to see one another often but when we do he makes sure to treat his favorite niece right! He can be naughty and a perv, just like me! Maybe perversion runs in the family? ;) 

Uncle picked me up from the hotel to take me out for some shopping.  He knows how to make his favorite niece giggle and squirm. I wore pigtails and he loves playing all the time especially while we shopped. Me and Uncle have been close since I was a baby! So I’m never shy or afraid to be myself, be flirtatious around him.  I got some sexy dresses and panties then went back to his car. We talked in his car about how I'm doing well in school but some male teachers are helping me out with that and gave him a little wink.

I purposely let it slip that I'm fucking a couple teachers for some better grades.  You should have seen the look on my Uncle’s face. I could see that bulge ready to pop out of his jeans! I giggled at my Uncle giving him a wink and this time made him blush. He ordered his favorite niece to get those beautiful tits out for him to see. There were people walking all around us but luckily my Uncle’s car has tinted windows so it was all good. But to be honest I was too horny to care anyway! I didn’t have a bra on and my big nipples were rock hard. I took my Uncle's hand and laid it on my right tit. His  eyes got so wide while he unzipped his jeans pants.  Call me up and find out what happens next.