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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Naughty in my Uncle's car!!!

I love being my Uncle’s favorite.  My Uncle loves to treat me special and spoil me! Some days daddy gets so busy with work that I don’t see him a whole lot. So when my Uncle visits he loves to take me out. We don’t get to see one another often but when we do he makes sure to treat his favorite niece right! He can be naughty and a perv, just like me! Maybe perversion runs in the family? ;) 

Uncle picked me up from the hotel to take me out for some shopping.  He knows how to make his favorite niece giggle and squirm. I wore pigtails and he loves playing all the time especially while we shopped. Me and Uncle have been close since I was a baby! So I’m never shy or afraid to be myself, be flirtatious around him.  I got some sexy dresses and panties then went back to his car. We talked in his car about how I'm doing well in school but some male teachers are helping me out with that and gave him a little wink.

I purposely let it slip that I'm fucking a couple teachers for some better grades.  You should have seen the look on my Uncle’s face. I could see that bulge ready to pop out of his jeans! I giggled at my Uncle giving him a wink and this time made him blush. He ordered his favorite niece to get those beautiful tits out for him to see. There were people walking all around us but luckily my Uncle’s car has tinted windows so it was all good. But to be honest I was too horny to care anyway! I didn’t have a bra on and my big nipples were rock hard. I took my Uncle's hand and laid it on my right tit. His  eyes got so wide while he unzipped his jeans pants.  Call me up and find out what happens next.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pussy and Toes

 I pursue my hungry prey
Grabbing him by his neck drawing him close
To fulfill his hidden fetish
He thought he was the only one
He was wrong
Slipping swiftly out of my stilettos 
His eyes dropped to the floor
Red polish
Red nails
Foot fetish begins
Surrendering to gravity
Filled by lust 
The saliva filled his mouth
The texture, the curves of the heel
Arch, toes, heel and more toes
I feel wet warmth dripping
Not my mouth but his
He is eating me out
Bent like a pretzel my feet close to my pussy
Feet and pussy
Suckling and licking back and forth
Fusing both together
Toes, toe, pussy, heel, and arch
Toes, toe, pussy, heel, and arch

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Dildo Hunt Special

Look at all these sexy toys
Join me in the Easter Dildo Hunt
Tell me which toy to use and I will use it just for you
Also if you buy 15 minutes I will give you 10 extra minutes FREE

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lets have a quickie!

I have many callers who love to have quickie phone bang, those one minute man out there that needs to get laid too.  Some are about to start the day wanting to release that pressure, but they don’t have much time. I really get hot with the ones who call when they are expecting their wife or the girlfriend to get home. It’s a rush from the thought of getting caught stroking off with me! I love knowing at any minute she could catch him in the act with his favorite naughty girl. Some callers love to call really early in the mornings, while his wife is in the shower or making breakfast whispering while he strokes.  Then I have those late night quickie lovers, that call while their wife or girlfriend is lying right beside them. And he can't say a single word. His wife must be a hard sleeper because he wears uses a cock ring or vibrator. They are probably wanting to be caught why else would they jerk it with her beside them. Getting a rush from it is what they love and I do too. So how about you? Are you low on time or maybe you are a one minute man?  Don’t be shy baby call me for a hot quickie!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Daddies lil whore is wet!!!

It’s great to be a teen.  I get out with boys, dirty old men and stay out late and swallow some juicy loads. Everyone thinks I am a good lil girl, but they don’t know how dirty I really am. I am not the angel mommy and daddy knows it well.  *Giggles* Then my panties come down around my ankles I'm kinky little slut and I love to show off. I can’t to wait to show you what makes all men squirm. 

What do you want daddies lil whore to do to you?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Daddy and Daughter Love

My daddy and I sure do know how to have a good time when are together multiple times a week! Last night we had way too much fun, and we’re all going to be talking about it for years to cum.  The sun was shining on daddy and I as we sat by the pool, drinking shot after shot taking off our cloths with every drink!  We are a pretty different kind of father and daughter, the kind that like to get into hot family fun and spreading our kinky stories to everyone who listens. 

I’ve sure you’ve thought about fucking your mom, brother or sister I’m sure! We definitely had all kinds of family phone sex loving father and daughter. Daddy and I love to have our fun out in the open fresh air and under the sun and have a great time sucking, licking and swallowing daddies tasty juice! Daddy just can’t get enough of my tight pussy, dipping his cock in and out of my pussy and ass hole back and forth one after the other. 

No one can please or take care of me like daddy can and only I can please my daddies every taboo desire!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Titty fuck with teacher

As all of you know and can see I have been blessed me with a great pair of big tits and a pretty mouth and lovely big nipples. I also have a innocent face, but I am far from it. Heheheh

I love pleasing my teachers and my daddy. My school is preparing me for many things but I am excelling at sex ed!  My teacher private lessons is teaching me to be the best slut I can be, and daddy approves!

Today was a BIG oral exam I was nervous but I wore the sexiest outfit to give me advantage. Finally it was my turn walking slowly I made my way into the room. I looked around the room not knowing what or who to expect. In the middle of the room were my 2 "favorite" male teachers.  Siting side by side both men had a smile on their face and their eyes were filled with desire. 

They ordered me to stand in front of them. The grey haired teacher told me to take off both my dress and bra. My whole body became hot and my panties began to moisten between my thighs. Removing their pants and those cocks stood straight in the air hard as rocks I couldn't help it, I dropped to my knees. While one tended to my lil teen pussy the other titty fucked me taking turns with those soft pillows. 

Want to know what happens next, then you know what to do?  Hehehe