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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Goddess of Cock Suckers by Mr. B

Goddess of Cock Suckers
Her mouth is fucking incredible
Sucking my cock like a fucking pro
Working her way to suck me dry
Slowly she takes my cock in deep
Taking it from the tip to the balls
My stiff cock filling that hungry mouth
Her slow tempo increases with every stroke 
Running my fingers through her hair
Forcing my cock into her throat making her choke
Never missing an inch
Swallowing my cock over and over
Sucking my cock deeper and faster
As my cum began to shoot
Her reward for all her hard work
Down her throat my load flows
Swallowing every drop
Her mouth holding my head tight
She brings me such thrilling orgasms 
Sucking my cock dry
She's a once in a lifetime thrill
Kaylan the Goddess of Cock Suckers

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gloryhole Delight

Dark black room with a hole in the wall
Soon filled with thick, throbbing cocks
Waiting for my soft lip service 
A warm mouth to suck all the better to suck you with
Ready and waiting to cover my tongue with cum

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sexy Babysitter for Hire!!

The wife is at work and the kids are fast asleep its only you and I tonight. Shhh no one needs to know sit beside me put your fingers beneath my plaid skirt and finger the lil pink box. You know what they say bad girls do it best. You can't resist me, so young, big gorgeous tits, tight, dripping wet pussy and plump ass. I do more than watch the kids come tell me how much you love phone sex with your naughty babysitter. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dirty Panty Boy

I have a guy who loves to call me right after I get home from working out at the gym or a drunk night out at the club when I’ve been a nasty slut! He loves to bury his nose inside my dirty panties and smell my sweaty musky aroma! Filling him in on all the details of my day of being a kinky slut. Waking up taking a shower getting all fresh and clean. Sliding into my short shorts and tight t-shirt starting a long day of PHONE BANGING! A long day of answering that phone getting all those horny men off getting wet and horny; playing with my pussy getting my panties wet with cum from my sweet cunt. 

In the afternoon I put on my tight workout pants and do my Zumba workout. Followed by sunbathing topless in the yard tanning my HOT body. I love Friday and Saturday nights slipping into my tight mini red dress and head out to the club! Sexy black cotton panties that I have on get sweet and moist from dancing and rubbing on hot guys all night long! Getting fucked by a hot big black cock bareback in the bathroom stall.  Getting home just in time to hear that phone ring and I know it's my dirty panty boy ready to sniff and lick my panties clean; while I finger myself and tell him all about my fuck fest! Sliding off my dirty panties and burying his nose into them. Savoring the sweet aroma of my sweat, pussy juicy and black cum load, licking and scratches at them to get every last drop off the soft fabric.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

QUICKIE IN YOUR CAR!!!! feels great when you finger me
The lust sets my body on fire
Your warm breath on my neck moistens my cotton panties
I can feel your dick rising and thickening through your pants
My breasts are in your hands, my nipples squeezed and teased
Oh how that turns me on making me your sex slave
Lifting my skirt, tugging down my panties revealing my dripping cunt
Unzipping your jeans giving me what I want
Straddling you, the perfect fit and extremely wet
Bouncing up and down on that dick until I cum all over your cock
It doesn't take long for us to cum
Quickie with me in the backseat of your car is how it's done!!